Pro Z video!!

The Duncan Pro Z came out recently and I just got one from Toys R Us.

So I decided to make a video showing some of what it is capable of doing.

Please comment (here) and like on youtube!  If you want. :smiley:

Please give criticism.

Bumpity bump.

was that stock?

Some of it stock, some of it cleaned bearing.

mine came with a cleaned bearing.


Mine came responsive I believe.

Both of mine came with clean bearings. They were responsive but broken in they aren’t as much.

Yes, my bearing is broken in now, fully unresponsive, I think it may be snaggy though still.

Yup my responded for maybe 2 throws, I wasn’t even back in my car from toys r us, and it was fully unresponsive, the packageing also indicated it came with a clean bearing.

Huh, I didn’t know that.


All in all I liked it, and it’s nice to show how a yo yo from a toy store can be used so good like that, but as for the video itself, I thought it was too dark and difficult to see the tricks that you were doing.

Cool, I picked one up today, not bad for $7.99. Did you remove the friction stickers on the spacers?

I have now added one silicone sticker, and left one of the regular duncan pads to ware out, I figure I am going to need another silicone sticker once that duncan one wares out.

I haven’t played my Pro Z so much, so I pulled oe sticker out and left the other one in.

It hasn’t worn out yet.

Concerning the lighting:

The caps were black, I didn’t realize it would make the video bad, sorry about that.

Thanks guys!