The Duncan ProZ has landed!

I don’t know if any of you recall that Duncan yoyo that transforms from a modified shape to a wing shape?

Well, it’s a reality. It’s here. I have 2 myself, and I’m getting the other two colors tomorrow just because they are so inexpensive. $7.99 at the local Toys R Us. I got the white/black cap and blue/yellow cap. I’m gonna get a red/white cap and translucent yellow with black cap tomorrow. I should have bout the last two I mentioned tonight while I was there. I spaced. I’ll do it tomorrow!

They play OK. Nothing amazing either way. It comes with the mod spacers, a longer axle for the spacer, the modified body has starburst response, but the mod spacers use a sticker response. This is a good “learning to mod” yoyo because it gets you used to taking stuff apart and tracking parts.

I’m going to keep 2 modified(stock) and 2 with the mod spacers to be wing-shapes. It’s tug responsive, but not super responsive. It uses an A-bearing. it’s light, but it has 2 sets of specs depending on the configuration but it’s still light and either 56 or 60 grams depending if you are configured modified or wing shape. I wonder if it can use FHZ weight rings but I haven’t compared specs with the FHZ nor had one next to a FHZ

Freakhands are also $10. I finished my collection. I had the blue, now I gots them all.

See these and many more at the yoyo meet in San Jose, assuming I can make it! Not just see them but play them too!

Sorry not a review. Just got it. Working on other stuff right now! Just had to share.

Sweet!!! Are the walls thick enough on the Pro Z for the pad recess to be deepened?

They are amazing with the mod spacers. They’re not responsive enough to loop in modified mode, though.
Here’s a video I made using it.

I don’t think so. The modification spacers that they include so you can put them INSIDE the yoyo to widen it up, are not that thick. I don’t think they’d survive modification.

They aren’t supposed to be “responsive enough” in wing-shaped model to be able to loop.

You got the two colors I have right now. This afternoon I’m picking up the other two!

Picking mine up this afternoon.

Got mine beef-caked and did some color swapping. I had to use a axle from one of my FHZ to do the beef-cake. The long axle it came with wasn’t long enough.

I was trying to loop without the mod spacers and it doesn’t seem to be responsive enough. Is anyone else having this problem?

Where can you get these, they are not on the Duncan website. Are there any stores that cary them?

I got mine at toys r us. You can email Duncan and ask

Try using Vaseline on the bearing. This should help.

Ima confuzled, how does this whole response thing work? When is it starburst and what is the other one?

Sorry I’m too lazy to take pictures. It would help a lot. I know. I’m sorry. Bear with me.

1: Fresh out of the package, it is in the modified configuration with the shorter axle. The response system is starburst.

2: if you want to convert it to wing shape, there are “mod spacers” in the package that fit into the axle/bearing seat area and they cover up the starburst. At the top if this is the sticker response. They aren’t so much of a spacer, but more of an insert. I guess it’s a matter of interpretation.

Just do a quick Google search:)

I have thick lube and I know ittl get more responsive, I was just under the impression that I would be able to loop straight out of the box in the looper shape, the response is still grabby just not enough for looping

They aren’t supposed to be “responsive enough” in wing-shaped model to be able to loop.
Sorry, I meant without the mod spacers.


I got my ProZ from Toys R Us yesterday(white/black caps). I only put it down to sleep…no pun intended. I can’t beleive the great value for only $7.99. Sure it’s not a high performance metal but it really makes you think about each step of a trick and hones your skills. I’ll definitely be getting a TerrapinX bearing to widen the gap and an old FHZ axle. Who knows, maybe the local hardware store has O-rings that will fit underneath the caps for added rim weight. Look into getting the silicone stickers because the stock ones wear out quickly.

This will be THE yoyo I recommend for someone looking to get started! It can handle everything except some chopstick and slack stuff because of the response. I even landed Haddock on it!

I hope they keep these in stock for a long time to come!

The weight ring that fit the FHZ are just a little bit to small. They don’t fit in there snug enough. I haven’t tried them yet but I think they would give it to much vibe. If u do find something at the hardware store that fits good will you post the size please.

Anyone know the specs?

You can check those out on the Duncan website? Idk. But with the recess the stickers don’t wear out as fast as they used to, I’ve only had mine for a day and normally I’d start to see the fabric but nothing yet.

Sorry , I ran my mouth to soon. the FHZ weight rings do fit and give it less vibe ;D but the caps sit kinda loss.