Duncan Pro Z Review


So I got 3 of these to try out. I made one unresponsive used one for 4a and one for 2a.
1a Play - Very Floaty and a small gap. I have used fat and thin strings on it and they both work and bind back with no problems. Not the best throw for 10$ but not the worst either.
Unresponsive pads in the Pro Z
2a Play - Almost impossible with the starburst. It does work but its not reliable. If you want to use it 2a take the pads off your mod spacers and throw them over the starburst then it works pretty well.
4a Play - It works lol. Even without the offstring mod spacers it does work and is not too bad. Kind of reminds me of the hayabusa but smaller. Binding back works pretty well but sometimes I would get a dead bind. Could of even been my fault to be honest!

Overall - 1-10 I would rate this at a 4 on play, a 6 on looks and a 7 on customization and mod-ability.
I would not recommend this yoyo to someone who is looking to get better but it is fun and is fun to try to hit those “harder tricks” you learned on.
Little youtube video review and a triple brent stole :slight_smile:


Don’t forget:

Star rating:
String(1a) 4 of 5
Looping(2a) 4 of 5
2 handed string(3a) 3 of 5
Offstring(4a) 2 of 5
Freehand(5a) 3 of 5

Weight: 54g with the spacers 60g
Diameter: 58.95mm
String gap: 2.85mm,with spacers 2.95
Shape: standard flared with spacers
Ball bearing: 5x10x4
Response system: starburst, with spacers friction stickers
Width:28mm,with spacers 39.3mm



Where did you find the specs, I was looking every place and could not find them. Thanks a bunch!


The specs are on the back of the package.

I put an A-sized centertrac in mine and put it in the wing configuration and it’s really unresponsive. An ideal yoyo I enjoy carrying around. I have 5 ProZ’s, one in each color, 2 set up each way, and a second clear yellow/black one that I have in the above configuration.

Cheap, fun, durable, very configurable. Ideal for someone who wants to tinker, as well as for noobs who can’t decide modified or wing. The only drawback is lots of parts, which makes it not ideal for younger throwers who can’t keep track of stuff. I’d recommend this for anyone, new or advanced.


The studio bandit got there again.


They are really that bad? Huh!


I do not think they are bad, I personally like them. But I like my bumblebee with mod spacers better than I like the proz with them.


That was nice review. I was wondering where you got the stuff to make your pro z unresponsive. I like mine but it isn’t really good because it doesn’t come up when I pull it and it won’t bind up either.


All I did was put thin lube in the bearing and I had some response stickers laying around, Im unsure of the size. You may want to put thick lube in the bearing if you want it responsive. If you want it unresponsive try to find some silicone response pad stickers, if you can not find that maybe silicone yourself the old fashion way lol. I never had an issue like that with my pro z’s