What Responsive YoYo Next?

I’m a newby, just been throwing about a month and have a Duncan Z Pro. I’d like to step it up a bit and try another responsive model before I consider any non-responsive options. At this stage I’m more interested in learning some old school spin tricks as opposed to string tricks.

Will the Pro Z be adequate or might there be something a bit better that would expand my skill set just a bit?

Of course I may just be getting bored throwing the same thing and therefore starting that slippery slope into buying way more yoyos than I really need…just for the sake of variety. :slight_smile:


I play the proZ all the time i have 50+ yoyo’s and could get just about anything, if you are not going to do competions then the more spendy yoyos won’t do you much if any good at all.

The pro Z can and does unresponsive play great.

There are lots of other yoyos out there , but none that are “Better” just differnt. You may find a yoyo you like better, but I may hate that yoyo. Thus there is no such thing as a better yoyo. Some yoyos do certin tricks easyer then others but that is about it.

Loop 900’s and yoyojam unleased are good looping yoyos, as well as raiders by yomega but they require a mod. I personaly really like to throw around fixed axle yoyos like the tom kuhn 3 in 1 no jive. or any of the solid body BC yoyos. Good luck simply buying yoyos you like the look of is one of the best ways to find out what you like in a yoyo. if you can afford it. :wink:

Maybe check out some of the YYJs, especially the Chaser, Dark Magic, or any of the others that come with both slim and speed bearing.

I used the throw monkey and still do but i modded it to be unresponsive so it can grow with you.

I’m with AngryGumball, the Dark Magic is going to take you where ever you trying to go at this point, & when you’re ready just change the bearing and go unresponsive. You won’t even have to lay out more than $50.00 either.

I can’t even begin to count how many tricks I have learned using a DM. When I’m trying to learn a trick that I fear could result in my YoYo getting toasted, I reach for the DM.
I can afford to replace it, but it can usually take whatever you do to it.

It’s just a great throw to have in even a small collection.

Honestly if you’re interested in old school responsive tricks on a modified profile yoyo, your Pro Z will suit you perfect. Do yourself a favor and use a friction sticker on one starburst. This will make a nice responsive looping yoyo. If you want to get into 2a down the road, pick up another Pro Z.

YYJ offers many models that come with two bearings, one for responsive play(pre-installed) and one for unresponsive play(the YYJ Speed Bearing, a full sized C bearing). The DM2 is a personal favorite of mine. Buying a yoyo like this with the two bearings let you go from responsive to unresponsive and back and forth with a simple bearing change. This makes it 2 throws in one.

The Pro-Z, which is in fact two throws in one, definitely is in the category of “some assembly required”. Fun, cheap, easy to use, it’s very responsive in modified or wide mode. I find putting a better bearing in it helps make it less responsive as well as using a pair of brass Duncan spacers to open up that gap a bit more. I find in modified mode, it’s more than enough responsive to work for me. I bought all 4 colors, I keep 2 wing-shaped and 2 modified shape intentionally. $32 gets you 8 possible yoyos(4 throws, each of which can be configured one of 2 ways)

Seriously though, the requirements of looping play is extremely different than string trick play and it’s best to buy the proper yoyo for the job. The ProZ ain’t great at either, but it’s not bad at either style. I’d say either figure out a master plan of where you think you want to go with this, then follow that path. I’ve learned a lot in the past year. I intend to be able to do stuff in all 5 major styles. I can do 1A, and a tiny bit of 4A and 5A. Looping isn’t possible for me yet, and 3A, I don’t even want to try it right now.

I think Stickman and AngryGumball have the idea. I’d also suggest a DMII, Chaser, Speeder or any of the YYJs that come with 2 bearings. I think YYF also sell YoYos with 2 bearings packaged if you have a look with them.

Thanks guys, you’ve all been very helpful!