Pro Z

To anyone who is thinking of buying a Duncan Pro Z,it is a cheapest yoyo from Duncan that I have ever seen. It screws in sideways and when in the looping form is barely responsive,when in string form there is a LOT of vibe.I advise waiting until Duncan designs a better yoyo still emphasizing the transforming features.

Rotate the axle a bit, re-tighten and try again.

For $8, I’m not going to expect smooth as glass, but the vibe ain’t that bad.

Mine are all nice and responsive in modified shape, and are too responsive for my tastes in wing configuration but I haven’t gone and broken in the bearings fully or removed any stickers.

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It might be a good idea to change the bearing when you change from looper to wing shaped. Have the extra lubed bearing in the looper form, and a clean bearing in the wing form.

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Sorry tried that it didn’t work.

Did you mark your axle and the place where the head sits so you have a reference point? You may have to do this a few times(up to 6) to find the combination with the least vibe.

Mine seem fine. Yeah, they vibe a little. It doesn’t distract me from playing them.

I picked up a Pro-Z at Toy’s R Us for 8. In the parking lot I did a bunch of shoot the moons and looping tricks. It worked really well and i liked the weight a lot. I then put in the gap widening pieces. I still liked the shape, feel, and weight of it. After about 30 minutes of breaking it in. I proceed to land almost every trick I know with it. I think this yo-yo is pretty awesome and a lot of fun for 8. They also had the new Yomega Maverick and Heavy Wing at Toy’s R Us. But I didn’t buy them.

The proz wasn’t bad for the price. It play responsive but not overly. You can do most string tricks and pull off some cool combos. For someone learning it’s a good starter. Like studio said don’t expect a protostar but it’s good.

I like my ProZ and it doesn’t have THAT much vibe. All I’m saying is it’s good for it’s price.

I grabbed a couple - fun little thing… my kids love it! Not every throw is a tourney throw… sometimes you just need some cheap fun!

This has been my yoyo of choice for a bit now. I really love this thing. Mine came with an already clean bearing. I don’t know if they all do but in the instructions it said they did, and if you wanted to make it responsive too just put some lube in the bearing. I have only really been using it with the mod spacers. So I have not lubed the bearing. Great yoyo only yoyo I have tried in years that I really liked. It is a small bearing so it is not forgiving which can be problematic for some.

I would say that for the price, it is amazing. It can do all the tricks I know with the right throw.

How to get the axel out?

Pop out the cap. You can actually use the axle to push the cap out, just be gentile (as in don’t smack it). Just a firm push of the axle end on a hard surface should pop the cap out.

I got the cap out.

But the axel was stuck.



It works.

:smiley: for the price it is amazing!!!

I made a vid on it!

Duncan Equals Love

For Duncan so loved the world, that they gave us the Pro-Z, that who-so-ever haveth only 20 dollars shall not sit idly by, but learn all five major styles of yoyo.

For $8, this thing is awesome. It does everything well enough that this one yoyo can take you pretty far. You get way more than your money’s worth. My #1 recommendation to beginners.