Caught by surprise

(Waylon) #1

Bought a pro z today at a local retailer. Completely surprised by its playability. I thought it would vibe a lot more but it’s not half bad. Well worth eight bucks.


I totally agree. I got the whole set. I keep 2 loopers, 2 as wing shapes. I also have a 5th, being the yellow/black, which I put an A-sized CenterTrack in and it’s extremely unresponsive, massively playable and massively fun. If you tune it a bit(if need be using the hex nut/bolt method), you may be able to remove more vibe. I use a Sharpie to mark things so I can see where things are moving.

What I like about the ProZ is when talking to parents is I can show them “responsive looper, responsive wing” via two yoyos and then “if you do a little work by adding a specific bear, you can have it be unresponsive too” by using a third yoyo already set up.

The ProZ is an ideal noob throw: It doesn’t require you commit to a shape, letting you see what you like. After that, it lets you get to intermediate. With a bearing swap(it takes more than just a clean bearing), you go advanced for mega cheap.

For other players looking for something different, it does exactly that.

Cheap. Surprising. Well liked.

Plus, with YYE selling the mod spacers, you can tweak your FHz’s, FH2’s, Freakhands, Hayabusa, Flying Pandas and way more. Turns some loopers into modified shape throws.


yeah im planning on getting one for when my cousin turns 6. He seems to love to watch me throw and always wants to try so im going to get him something to play with


It is really a good throw for the price. You can do this with it:
(Yes that’s me)

(Waylon) #5

Nice! Isaac Sams did a similar vid bit without the cool effects. How did you have the pro z set up?


Mod spacers + stock bearing.