Duncan ProZ a noobs perspective

Since christmas i’ve purchased 3 Duncan ProZ’s. 2 for myself and one for my son.

I’ve seen the recommendation over and over again for these and decided it would be a good upgrade from my OG Imperial and Butterfly.

I have to agree that the value is there. Convertable throw that will grow with you. Here are a couple things i’d like to pass on to any new yo’er that is thinking about getting one.

-Standard Configuration good for learning the oldschool basic tricks. Tug responsive. Must be pretty smooth to pull off string tricks but they can be done. Doesn’t loop well you can pull off a skin the cat but your not going to pull off consecutive loops. At least i can’t.

-Standard Configuration w/friction stickers. You will be able to loop resonably well. While im still a noob and can’t get past 3-4 “good” loops before i start to get out of control and start over. Put one Friction sticker over a starburst. Don’t be afraid to move those friction stickers around … if our careful they will stay plenty sticky for you to try different things. Currently super liking completely worn to the cloth friction stickers on both starburst. I get a decent sleep if i want it but it snaps back pretty quick when i throw a loop.

-Standard Configuration w/orings under the spacers… After obliterating my first spacers by over tightening… i decided to widen the gap on the standard configuration. Go to the hardware store and get some small orings. put them behind the spacers and bam… wider gap. Makes the thing almost unresponsive. I enjoy the yoyo like this the best it sleeps a good while and widens the gap just enough that i don’t hear the string “singing” against the starburst.

-W/Mod Spacers out of the three i purchased one was super unresponsive (my sons). Breaking in the friction stickers helped with this and it would come up with a good straight throw and a proper executed tug or two. The other two were fairly responsive and i ended up taking out a friction sticker from one side. I did have quite a bit of vibration (when i had a good throw) and ended up having to take apart and “tune” the yoyo. to do this mark the axle and yoyo so you can tell when your turn the axle. I did this 6 times as there are 6 sides to the end of the axle. Making notes as i went by rating the feel on a 1-5 scale. Took the best 3 and did it again to settle on a “sweet spot” for the axle. As i was doing this i noticed that the axle and nut could wiggle around inside the spot where the nut and axle end go… I added a bit of foil to the sides of the nut and axle end to give each a tighter fit. The yoyo still ended up with vibe and only very slightly less than when i started. But i had fun going thru the exercise and learned quite a bit about my throw and the yoyo itself.

If you have wobble or vibe inconsistently. Chances are it’s just your throw.

Word of caution… be gentle and don’t overtighten. I crushed my first pair of spacers. It’s not that hard to do. I now understand the importance of just making the things just barely snug. I don’t think this is emphasized enough.

This is a good review! Especially if you are as news you say (welcome btw)! Keep it up, man!