hey im new here=] and quest about duncan

first,this site is very helpfull and hope i will find all what i need. =]
yesturday i bought my first yoyo “duncan proyo” (this is very hard to get somthing else here i dont know why…) well…im think there is a little prob with the yoyo …whan it go slip its slip only for few seconds like 3-4 :o it is ok?! and when i throw the yoyo very hard it refused to slip and come back in hight speed and Collides in my hand (ouch) :-.
what do you think about this yoyo at all?
thanks you all! 8)

The proyo is not meant to sleep. It is a looping yoyo. If you want a yoyo that will sleep I recommend something with a ball bearing.

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thank you for your fast answer !
well, to order yoyo from this site the shipping coast its X3 than the yoyo
(30 $)!! lol…you can advise me on specific good trainer yoyo? also include good slip function ?

i would say best bet for you since shipping costs so much buy a speed dial you can make it responsive if you want and make it unresponsive im not sure about the sleep but im sure its fine, along whit it buy some thin lube =) happy throwing

^^ I’d say get a Velocity: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/28/YYF-Velocity

They play incredibly well and will be able to fit your needs over time. The best beginner’s yoyo in my opinion, at a very good price.

Welcome to YoyoExpert!!! :slight_smile:

hey j.lev ! thanks ! sorry for my Ignorance,whats the differrence betwen butterfly shape and “proyo” or “bumble bee” shape?

I got some good butterfly shaped yoyo pics right here.

The butterfly shape is one that greatly increases the amount of gap space you have for yoyo tricks.

also a VERY good choose is the dark magic 2 it comes with a response bearing and a non response bearing

hope this helps

mm ok so if i understand…butterfly is more for tricks and “proyo” and all that kind is for looping?

I thought that was V?

thought this was H-shape

it is h shape =P

I thought this was an H shape


I believe V is PHENOM, Flying V (Duh), etc… since the others are H.

Anything with a “step” is H-shape (Genesis, Northstar, DV888, Project).

On to the question. I find that the best yoyo you could need (at your level) would be a Lyn Fury or Kickside. They are great for beginners to experts. Also, when you are ready you can clean the bearing and make it unresponsive to open a wide array of new tricks never thought to be possible. Also, don’t forget to pick up a 100 pack of 100% Polyester String to keep you going. I hope this helped.

Welcome to the forums,

Yeah, go with the Lyn Fury or YYJ Dark MagicII. Not a real fan of the YYF Velocity.

I really dig Proyos/Proflies. Just gotta work with them and be willing to learn at the pace they allow. Most folks don’t have the patience.

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I just tested sleep time the other day… I got an average of about 55 seconds…