The Duncan ProZ has landed!

I’m gonna pick up the colors I am missing today.

Yeah, it ain’t no metal, it ain’t no PSG or Asteroid either. But, considering what it is, two throws on one, it’s probably hands down THE ABSOLUTE best value you can get, and I recommend it for beginners because it lets them “choose their path and change their path” without a full commitment either way.

Sounds like a great little yoyo!

I’m gonna pick one up soon.

Sucks, the Toysrus near my house didn’t have one.

Your string was very short…

So, does anyone happen to have the specs on these? I know this thread wasn’t intended to be a review but how stable are these? I guess I could always make a couple wire weight rings to pop in there like I did to my Lyn Fury, seemed to help the LF out a bit.

I’m tempted to pick up a couple of these. In fact, I had a dream I was at TRU, getting ready to pick up the black/white combo, and the blue/yellow combo. Only difference is that they had rubber edges like the Throw Monkey.

I know they aren’t that well suited for looping, maybe they can be with a little work but wouldn’t mind having a pair of these for 2A and 3A, just to goof around with. Especially the fact that you can mix colors around…I’m liking that!

Ill just guestimate specs here

diameter: a little over 56.
The rest are essentially the same as a freakhand or similar yoyo.
The “loop” setting still isnt working right. Ill just keep mine for string tricks.
IMO its better than the one, cheaper and teaches the basics of yoyo functions. With a clean bearing it can go quite far

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Deviation from the theme.

OK, I know people in the Sacramento area are reading this. I know people in Elk Grove are reading this. I’m also pretty sure a lot of you are either adults or of legal driving age.

First, I come here to say the ProZ has landed. I post, put up some info real fast. That day, the pegs were full, minus the 4 I chose. Based on when I posted these, I bought these on Tuesday and not posting until midnight, the start of Wednesday.

I go back Wednesday to check again some FreakHands(since they were $9.99) and called a friend up to see if he wanted in on these as well. He ask for 2 Pro Z’s and I get one for myself. The pegs are definitely NOT so well populated.

I try to go back Thursday, but I can’t. I decide to finish up the collection for myself. Why? I was waiting in line to mail off a payment for a Battosai I made arrangements for via BST and the line took a bit longer than expected. However, Friday, I was in luck, the final two colors I needed were the last two on the pegs.

We went from 8 full pegs to SOLD OUT on “oddball shopping days”.

I was talking to theroybit about this, and he pointed out what hadn’t occurred to me and is a very probable observation:
There’s a lot of yoyo enthusiasts in Elk Grove and nearby.

Do you know I am organizing yoyo meets? Why not come out and spend a couple of hours throwing, learning, playing and socializing with other like-minded people? Maybe try stuff other than the Duncans and Yomegas being offered at most locations. Not just inexpensive stuff, but things like Peaks and other CLYWs, One Drops, SPYY and other goodies all over the price range. Or just play with your ProZ’s!

PM me for details if you can’t find the posting in the Contests/Clubs/Events area!

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They are much better at looping in the modified shape, if you put friction stickers over the starbursts.

Just snagged myself a Pro-Z as well. I was tempted to buy two or three but I decided I better try one first before I buy more, got to say so far I am impressed. There’s a little flashing on mine but I’ll cut it down. Plays pretty smooth once the bearing is broken in and a pad is removed. A little on the light side but it’s not bad at all, it could easily become an affordable carry around yoyo. You wouldn’t feel bad for giving it away to a random kid that thinks yoyoing is cool either.

Specs are:
Weight: 54G w/out MOD spacers & 60G with MOD spacers.
Diameter: 56.95mm
Width: 28mm w/out MOD spacers & 39.3mm with MOD spacers.
Gap: 2.85mm w/out MOD spacers & 2.95 with MOD spacers.
Bearing: Medium Duncan bearing 5 x 10 x 4

Here’s a few shots of it.

Spin spin little z!

I’m trying to get to Home Depot to get some “weight rings”. Anyone know what size I should be looking at to save some time? Otherwise, I’m going with one apart and ready to go. I got some FHZ’s I want to modify like this as well. While I’m out, I need to see if the Toys R Us has one of the colors a friend wants. When I went last time, I snapped up the last 2, and one happened to be the color he wanted!

They were so cheap I went ahead and got all 4 colors. We’re gonna do some cap swapping. He wants the non-screen caps, so I’ll end up with 2 screened caps on mine. Fine with me!

There’s been a lot of advancement in cheap yoyos recently. The ProZ ain’t gonna win serious contests, but it’s more than just a noob throw. It’s good for all skill levels, from starting out to “keeping it real”. Loads of fun!

Looks like something I’d want. Can someone list all of the colors?

They show them near the end. It’s a great deal

Blue with yellow cap, white spacers
Red with white cap, white spacers
Transparent yellow(or is it green) with black cap and black spacers.
White with black cap and black spacers.

A second LONGER axle is included in each package because the stock axle is only long enough for modified configurations.

If you plan on beefcaking(using 2 bearings), you need a FHZ axle or a longer axle bolt. I’m going to the hardware store next week to investigate things like weight rings and what proper hex bolts to purchase for maintenance and modification purposes.

The more I hear about and see these, the more I’m wanting to take a trip across town to pick one (or 2 or…) of these up. I’m liking the looks of that black and white one, as well as the translucent yellow/black. Eventually, having all 4 would be cool so I can mix and match colors. I will definitely put my wire weight rings in it if it’s that light, to give it some meat. Looping, I’m fine with lighter but I like to have a little beef to my 1A’s.

I wonder how these would do at 3A.

I think after tuning the axle configuration and weight rings, and maybe a bit of tweaking of the modified mode response system, it might not be half bad.

Seems like getting a pair of Asteroids would be more productive. However, the ProZ is a lot of bang for the buck.

I am about to go get one. I can’t wait to try it after what I’ve heard about it.

Saw a few people with these at RI States and the looked awesome. So now I am going to pick one up at the local Toys r us.

I absolutely love these for their price. I picked a black and white one up just so I could show people which yoyo to go buy if their interested in getting into yoing. They can decide if they want to start off looping or do string tricks. These are awesome beginner yoyo but I can even land some high end technical tricks on them. They are a blast for 10 bucks.

I just got one too. I can do pretty much all my tricks on it, the only one that are more difficult are the whips and slacks. I can do them, they just take more skill on a responsive yoyo. But it can handle my skin the gerbils and spirit bombs.

Have you tried the TX Wide Gap Wing Cut bearings in it yet and do they fit with the stock spacers?