The north star information thread

The forums have been so cluttered with people asking questions about the northstar So i decided to make a thread with all you need to know about it

The northstar is very similar to the protostar but The northstar is 2.5 grams heavier
It will sleep very long (as do most modern yoyos)
It is very stable because of the rim weight
It shares it’s shape with the rockstar and protostar
It is rather affordable at $35

Finally if it fits your preferences and you want a great plastic yoyo the northstar is the yoyo for you

Anyone who wants to add info feel free

This did nothing, all of this informtation can be found by looking at either the Protostar or Northstar page.

Yes all you did here was make another northstar thread ::slight_smile:

We should have one thread where all northstar/protostar related questions can go and sticky it until this whole northstar craze blows over.

Yea but so many people ask questions about these things and don’t look at the northstar or protostar page

So I tried to help out by making this thread

So you think that they will really look at this thread before postingabout it.

Maybe idk I’m just trying to help