3a protostar or northstar

i ahve a superstar so i can kinda guess what proto might feel like bet have never tried the northstar?

can someone tell me about northstar and reviews about either or a comparison betwen the two

The Northstar is heavier, that is easily felt while throwing the yoyo. It is simply a more solid, better playing version of the ProtoStar. I don’t regret buying it one bit, and even after I threw it, I still like the ProtoStar to death.

For 3A, the NorthStar would probably be better because its more stable.

thanks. so north star is more stable. so does that mean it has more rimweight?

Yes, the Northstar is definitely more concentrated towards the rims, and heavier. Personally I prefer the Protostar to it due to the increased speed, but as far as pure performance goes, the Northstar probably would take it for 3a.

ah ok. thanks a millionnn. northstar isnt out online yet is it? lucky u guys who went to worlds and stuff xD

I ve heard the protostar is great for 3a. But the north star may be better

the northstar has a smaller gap so some binds are easier.