The new yoyo case

Upgraded for a larger and lighter case.
Will have some custom powder coated accessories on it soon.

Nice. How did you cut the squares and where did you get everything from. I’m thinking of upgrading my case too

It’s a Winchester pistol case. It is/was on sale at Cabela’s. Had some gift cards so I picked it up. Pretty good construction of the case and fairly light. Much lighter than our old one.

Flipped over the foam that it comes with and layed out all the yoyo’s for some fitting. Just measured them up individually and cut each hole out accordingly. Cut straight through with a scrapper blade. Found them at Home Depot in the rug/floor area. Think they go into some type of scrapper but the best thing is they are long and give you nice straight cuts. Exteremly sharp only on one side.

Cut the hole for the lube with a hole saw VERY slow and little at a time. The foam in this case is much softer than the aftermarket foam I bought on line for the old case. So go slow is what I’m saying. The hole for the YYF multi tool was just traced a little first then just cut a little at a time to get the fit.

Found the little plastic holders at Michale’s arts and craft store a loooong time ago. Same thing just traced them out and cut to the bottom. They sit in the foam very nice and don’t interfear with the yoyos on the other side. They hold about 12 or so strings each.

I’m gonna look for a pistol case that’s a great idea. Thanks

I love the black accents, they make it look really slick.

People will think you’re carrying a gun around. Imagine their surprise when you pull out a different kind of weapon…

my computer wasn’t loading fast enough and i thought the cardboard at the top of the first picture was your new case for a second. Oh and now i have to get one of these this is possibly the sexiest case ever

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Haha I thought the same thing. I’m like, “Bob can do better than cardboard…”.

That’s my back splash for wet sanding ;D

Need another case already that one’s full ::slight_smile:

Re-did the foam in the new case went with a stiffer foam. Mainly I didn’t care for the stock stuff.

Nice case