The most recent yoyo you tried for the first time that really impressed you?

I haven’t tried it yet, but knowing how good the 6061 version was, I’m sure this one is out of the park.

Recess Weekend, 7075 Armament, and VK Slusny.

It’s really good…

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MKII.

Hands down the most unique feeling throw in my collection. It’s not the most stable or long spinning in my collection, but it’s insanely stable and long spinning for its weight. It has average stability and spin times, but due to being so light, it’s crazy fast. Seriously, something this light and fast shouldn’t be nearly as stable or spin as well as it does.

Overall it’s an outstanding design that takes full advantage of a 7075 body, brass rings, and a D bearing. Plus, the Aurora colorway that I got is absolutely stunning in person.


Leo Sniper is hands down the best throw in my collection. It’s just so much fun and can handle anything u throw at it. Makes me want everything from Sturm Panzer. The D-Starter is also nice, has a lot of the feel of the Leo sniper but under half the price

This fellow:

Now I’ve been led into buying yo-yos before because they claimed to make fingerspins easy, only for my skill to let me down. I’m awful at fingerspins. Horizon? Nope. Shu-Ta? Nope. Valor? I wish. I just suck at fingerspins.

However, today I got my C3YoYoDesign M.O.V.E.

1st throw = Missed the fingerspin
2nd throw = Landed in the sweet spot, got a feel for it
3rd throw = 2 minute finger spin. I kid you not.

When you hit the sweet spot on this thing it just stops what it’s doing and spins like a basketball on shaq’s finger. It doesn’t wobble, it doesn’t tilt, it just spins… and spins.

However, besides the HAX-level fingerspins, this is just all round a really good yoyo. The design is clearly not rim-weight heavy, yet this thing is crazily stable, and performs better than many more expensive yo-yos that I own. 888victini above said it has become his go-to competition throw, and I can fully understand that.

I think it’s easy to forget about C3’s budget range sometimes with YYF and YYO making such great budget metals, but when you can get a yoyo that performs this well and fingerspins this well for such a great price… I hope this little fellow gets the appreciation it deserves. :slight_smile:

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Gambit says good its good. Now I’m gonna buy one.

The original Aviator I just got is amazing