Favorite metal yoyo?


What are your guys favorite metal yoyos




To use: prestige and chief

To look at: prototype usa hatrick


YYR Laser, General Yo Prestige.


Shutter and Magic YoYo N12/Shark Honors.


Markmont. Classic, or Bapezilla.2




Spyy Addiction, or Monkey Finger Gelada 2 ;D


Blue ricochet


I have been throwing a Level 6 from C3 and I love it. Probably my favorite metal throw at the moment.




markmont. classic.

its my first onedrop yoyo but i know it wont be my last. made in usa and side effects are just too fun. i was playing with the mm. alum’s and a onedrop bearing yesterday, and i just switched back to the brass mm. side effects with a matching gold CT. worth mentioning that i bought the mustard classic so its gold on gold on gold with green kitty fat. green for the money and gold for the honeys.


OD Chik! or Benchmark O


This is not my favorite yoyo to play with, but because of sentimental value the yomega maverick


The one that spins.


Space cowboy


One Drop Sovereign. So nice!


a metal yoyo


Hard to choose, right now it’s a toss between a fluchs, pyro light, HSPIN G&E 4, and dif-e-yo GTO.


The round one that spins and does tricks when i move my hands. Yeah that’s the best one