Favorite metal yoyo?

I apologize if there has already been a post like this but I used the search button and couldnt find it.

What is your favorite full metal yoyo?

Toss up between code 2 and dietz

Evil Yo


between code 2 and g5

The one written just between my national flag and my favorite trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Sleipnir for the win!!

my favorite is the wooly marmot.

I’d have to go with my RecRev No. 9, T9, Echo, and Avant Garde

Catalyst, Genesis.

They aren’t available yet, but I have been recently overwhelmed by two prototypes: the Chronos and the Wrath. Both, just plain awesome. If you get a chance to try either out, don’t miss it.

The reason you couldn’t find a thread like this is because the question you ask is listed right under your forum name. Many of these threads have been taken down because they are unnecessary.

Anyway, I love my Ministars and Code 1’s.

My favorite has got to be the skywalker. I have owned 10 of them and there the only yoyos that have stayed in my hand since I started buying nice throws. Everything else has came and went. There is just something about the skywalker that. I love. It has a zippy feel but also feels like there is something on the string. By far my favorite yoyo shape to date.

The Flying Hut. It says so to the left of this post! ;D