the most performancing YOYO

What is the most performancing yoyo for contests (1A stile)?

i am not exactly sure what you mean by performancing but if you are asking what yoyo is the best for 1a, then there is no best. it is all preference. with the different styles of 1a (smooth, tech, slack…) all people like different yoyos.

Fixed by the way, and to answer your question; Preference! Everyone has their own idea about what they use.

I’ve seen guy’s beat the crap out of peolpe with a $15 plastic yoyo’s vs/$100 metals.
Its whatever you like the most and you are comfortable with that will make you play better.

Please don’t post preferance questions. Over time, they get anoying. If you need help, post it. We are more than happy to help. But just trivia questions that won’t do anyone good are quite anoying. I think you are new so this site so this is just a heads up. :wink:

Any yoyo that is able to complete your tricks.

I think it’s time for the list.

  1. What size do you prefer? (Big, small, medium, etc)
  2. What shape do you prefer? (Be specific: Round Butterfly, Flat Rims, pointy shape, H-Shape)
  3. What response do you prefer? (Silicone, O-Ring, Hybrid, Pad, etc)
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
  5. What weight is ideal to you?
  6. Does color matter?
  7. How does your style relate to the yoyo? (What kind of tricks do you like to do? Fast? Technical? Smooth? Slacks?)
  8. What is your price range?
  9. What is your skill level?
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I think he is talking about what yoyo has won worlds the most times ^^

I think that would be the 888… i’m not sure.

I KNOW its a yoyofactory though, seeing as they are emmensly popular.

Fixed. Also, it could be YYF or it could be any other company. Anybody want to go through all the worlds videos of the winners and try to figure out? Ha, that would be time consuming but kind of fun I think.

there is no need to correct my spelling. people understand.

and im pretty sure its a yoyofactory, because they are so popular and play so well.

with new smaller companies coming up, the yoyofactory usage is allitle down in contests, but they are defiantly still the #1 used brand.

It doesn’t matter, he was just poiting it out, no need to get mad.