The Most Mysterious People on YYE

Who do you think are the most mysterious on this sight?

1.Kim-lan: She posts good quality advice; when she is on chat, she barely talks much unless there is a big topic going on; her voice is quiet and some people wonder about the sweatjacket.

2.docrob0t: Cool picture; when he posts the posts are very good advice and are fun to read, also instead of putting in a vague point the advice is a long but very detailed lecture which allowed him to get the title of eXpert. Also, he has only been in chat once or twice.

  1. tomonzz: I don’t want to bring him up but people wonder, does he really not have a yo-yo?

4.Mr.Yodel: John Higby is a great guy, but he doesn’t seem to talk to us much. It is an honor to be in the same forum as him and if he posts, we can learn a lot from him.

  1. YoYoExpert: André is awesome, though don’t you ever wonder what he does during his busy schedule? Yes, work and yo-yoing. We are all thankful for him making this site and improving it everyday.

~Spin On!



Me… You never see my name…

You’re not very mysterious. You’re the 7th top poster.

Wow Samad, is there like a statbook in ur head. P.S. im would be mysterious but i dont post enough to even be recognized as a candidate! ;D

Actually, I got that info from here:

While I may be a ninja, I cant memorize all of that  :wink:

Wow, I never noticed that page. Where did you find it.

BTW: the ultimate ninja yo-yoer is Eric Koloski!

me either,I tried to find it but couldnt

He found it from me. :wink:

Still… none of you seen me, know my name.etc

Your name is Bryant.

Where did I mention it… But not full name… hehe

Ya how did u figure out kim?

Oh… intro.s ;D

A while back he stated that his username was an anagram of his real name.

How long did it take? ;D

how long did it take,lol.

im pretty mysterious. ive never made a yoyo vid 4 u guys to watch


On the 1-10 mystery scale, where do I rate, :smiley:

~yo! shi!