The MLB thread

The regular season is underway!

I am very happy to report that my team the Phillies won their first game of the season 14-10.

This thread is the perfect place for baseball fans to vent the frustration and express their delight.

My frustration is that the Yankees didn’t play yesterday… but my delight is they play today

Marlins dominated the Rockies 10 to 1 haha what an opening day

I root for the Cardinals, so I was happy about their win yesterday.

I was at the Giants/DBacks game, which was also a pretty exciting game.

First Yankee game in 40 minutes
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o

^^^ to bad the Yankees lost to the Astros hahahaha I dislike the Yankees. I’m a Red Sox fan sorry

Red Sox fan here, so excited for the regular season to be underway! This year is also the first year I’ll be doing a fantasy league with my friends, so we’ll so how that goes.

For those wondering what my team looks like:

Depends on your league format of course but from first look you have too many bench offensive players and not enough pitchers.

Who was your first pick?

Yep… I hardly listened to it 'cause they were losing so badly lol

Here’s a picture of the scoring we have:

I now know that I drafted way too many offensive bench players. My league has 13 teams, and I had the 12th pick, so I essentially got 2 picks in a row. I picked up Darvish, then Pedroia in the first and second respectively. Right now I’m trying to market Puig for a solid starting pitcher, so hopefully I can do that before the next matchup. Our league is a weekly update league, since we’re all busy with school and stuff and don’t have much time to worry about who to sit and such.

EDIT: So I got an offer for Chris Sale for Puig, is Gardner going to pick up enough slack to make it worth it?

The reason you want more bench pitchers is because you want to try to start guys that have two starts during the fantasy week. The more bench guys the more chances you will have that ability. Also, you may want to tell whoever set your league rules that 3 points per inning pitched and 5 points per win is really lopsided. Even more reason that you want two start guys in your lineup.

2 start people meaning people that will start twice in that given week? What would you suggest the points for innings and wins be?

Yes, if a pitcher gets a start on the first or second day of your fantasy week they will most likely get a second start that week. As far as points, all the leagues I’ve been in give one point per inning (.33 per out) and 15 for a win with -3 for a loss.

Ok cool, I’ll be sure to run that by my LM. Thanks for the advice!

Phillies won today, whooo!

Well, my Giants are off to a good start!! ;D

Another Yankee fan here. Grew up in the bronx a 15 minutes away from the Stadium.

DJ’s final year is a sad one as I remember loving his rookie season and following him since.

Maybe this is the year of 28… We’ll see. Love me some baseball!

Tigers were the only 4-0 baseball team left until yesterday. Good start.

Yankees are getting Ubaldo Jiminez’s pitch count up! Woo hoo…