The MLB Topic


This one is for all of you MLB lovers. Baseball is my favorite sport and I’m really great at the game. I play pitcher and outfield.

Anyway this is the topic where you just talk MLB or baseball.

My favorite baseball team is the San Francisco Giants. No I don’t like them because they won last year. My dad grew up in San Francisco for a long time.

So just tell us what your favorite team is and just talk plain MLB!


Yankees :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i play third, first and catcher


Go Braves!


I used to play pitcher and third-base. I quit playing some years ago and I wish I would’ve stayed with it because now I’d be, at least, playing in the farm leagues…

Also, my hometown team are the Chattanooga Lookouts, who, for many years was the farm team for the Cincinnati Reds but a couple of years ago changed to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Atlanta Braves have always been my favorite pro team.



I play baseball and I play shortstop.


Red Sox.



(Owen) #8


Killin it


2nd the Tigers


Good to see another Giants fan! Love the G Men!


I play third, first, and pitcher


O Yeah!!


This. Or the LA Dodgers, because Clayton Kershaw played on the Single A team in my home town.

I’m actually not a huge baseball fan, but my brother is really into it.

(SR) #14

For a second, I thought this said, “The MLP Topic,” and I was like… OOOHHH NO. NOT THIS AGAIN.




But that’s pretty cool that Kershaw played for a single A team in your town, stringking. He’s the only Dodger I respect/like

(Brandon811) #16

Dogers all the way baby


Holy crap, did you guys see David Ortiz go crazy in the Red Sox vs Orioles game? Ragequit of the century right there…


he seemed a little angry


Did you see Pedroia when Big Papi was destroying the phone? That rage was hilarious