What’s your favorite team? I’m addicted to, and obsessed with THE GIANTS!!!

Arizona Diamonbacks! Little said note so happy they traded Upton to the Braves

twins all the way!!! :smiley:

oh, man Joe Mauer is probably my second or third favorite catcher in the major leagues! And one of my favorite overall players as well ;). He’s such a nice person, too.

you were happy about that? I’m not personally a Dbacks fan, but I thought Upton was a major fan favorite lol. I guess not your favorite, huh? :wink:

St. Louis Cardinals.

My impression was masonshoe’s post was a typo for “Little sad, not so happy they traded Upton to the Braves,” but I could be wrong.

oh, thanks man!
The Cards vs. Nats playoff game last year where the Nats got eliminated was so intense. I was just flipping out!

Yeah, the Cardinals have had some pretty intense playoff games over the past couple years. Congrats on the Giants’ championship, by the way.

thanks, man! That world series was so… Anticlimactic it was just like the regular season lol.

definitely was not my favorite he was good in beginning but then he started slacking

yeah, he wasn’t my favorite from the DBacks, I always thought he was a little too cocky. I can’t remember which one I liked on the Dbacks…



do you like Harper?

also like the mariners


completely agree with that statement. Gotta love Jason Kuble and Chris Young

yup yup. Kuble seems cool, and Chris Young, too.

The Diamondbacks traded Young too. They’ve rebuilt their roster quite a bit the last year or two, especially after Towers took over as GM. On the bright side for them, I think Parra has a chance to be a good full-time player, so freeing up a spot for him helps offset the loss of Upton and Young. I think Montero is probably their best player now that Upton is gone, and they got him signed to an extension last year, so that helps some too.

Montero is definitely good I thought he was better than Upton he just seemed like a slacker to me. I’m sad they got rid of Roberts I was at the game where he hit the inside the park home run pretty crazy