World Series!!!!


I want the Giants to win. Im a big fan


Go Giants!!! I’m a Nationals fan and i was absolutley devestated when the Nationals lost but now i want the Giants to win.

(Owen) #3

Im from the D, and I know that anyone from there is as tough as it gets. And that includes people who play for their baseball team.



LETS GO GIANTS * clap* clap clap clap clap



Looks like the Giants fans in this thread haven’t heard of a couple fellas named Verlander and Cabrera.

Go Tigers!


its all about lincecum baby!


Go Giants!!!


My money is on the Tigers this year. The way they dismantled the Yankees in the ALCS, it’s obvious that they want it more.




Little old but have you heard of Lincecum?? How bout Scutaro, Sandoval, CAIN, etc. New York was easy to beat, but you couldn’t stand the GIANTS!!! CHAMPS!! Its the decade of the Giants bro. Hehe