Tom Brady vs Payton manning


exclude this last year for manning


with the exception of Brett Favre, you picked my two least favorite quarterbacks of all time. My favorite current QB is Aaron Rodgers, my favorite QB of all time is John Elway


I have always hated peyton manning because i do. And I like it even more that he isn’t playing and the colts are winless. But I don’t exactly love Brady
Colts= 0-16 baby haha


I am a packers fan, born and raised, so I am going to be biased and have to say, Aaron Rodgers is playing a heck of a season. And really only compares to Brady. He totally blows Peyton away with this season compared to Peyton’s best.


i only voted for brady because I don’t know who payton manning is. I know who eli, archie,cooper, and peyton are, but whos payton? :wink: the packers got lucky against the giants.


Its not luck. Its skills, these are the pros.


right now its obvious that brady and rodgers are a level above everybody else. i have to say there equal some disagree, but i say there even.


Statistically Rodgers is better in every way (Wins, TD/INt Ratio, TDs etc.). Stats are true facts. No one is playing the level of football Rodgers is.


Tim Tebow! 8)


Im a broncos fan, and to be honest, at first I hated him, but seeing what hes done for Denver this year, hes starting to grow on me.

also, Tom Brady is too much of a pretty boy for me to like him


Its his wife, lol. Joking.

I don’t see Tebow ever being elite. I think a lot is luck. You can’t really win games by throwing an upset. Seeing how much they run the ball makes me wonder, what happens if the played the 49ers. That would be a mess.


disagre yards rodgers is third and brady has 6 tipped of hands of wide recievers picks exclude thos he has 5 and he has better ratio.all well thrown balls just missed.tds are close also.


A pick is a pick, deal with it. Rodgers had the same deal as well. Most of his were tipped off recievers.




(ehehehe, couldn’t resist)


If they got lucky then they wouldn’t be about to have a 19-0 season would they? Also they should have lost yes but the giants played terribley at the end therefore the packers just had more skill than the giants so they won.

ya you just won a prize. PM me


There isn’t much luck when it comes to NFL. These are the best players in the world and tebow has managed to beat 7 of them in is last 8 games… That is not luck, Tebow has skill. I’m not sure if he can be the best but so far he’s proving himself worthy of an NFL quarterback… He also brought florda state to, i think 2 championship bowls.


Rodgers picks are true i watch a lot of football espn and internet they are missed throws.


I can say that about brady as well.

Just because you watch football doesn’t mean your the expert. Give up, Rodgers is having a FAR SUPERIOR season than Brady is.



Being a longtime panthers fan, although no panthers qb’s are worth mentioning… Cam newton is probabley getting the rookie of the year award, but jake delhomme didn’t do anythin g except throw picks, and jimmy clausen isn’t really a star.


FYI, Cam Newton is going to be a great, you guys have a lot to brag about.