Super Bowl Picks!

My pick is San Francisco and New England

Topic - Who will win the Super Bowl? Merged into here.

Seahawks and Houston

Texans and San Fran

Sad to see my Seahawks get knocked out but man was that a crazy ending. Russel Wilson better get rookie of the year.

I’m sorry but… GO FALCONS!

I’m callin falcons and hopefully ravens. I don’t know but I have a feeling that moth of the teams will pull it out for the guys retiring this year.

Btw the way. Good game y’all played very well.

Falcons, Texans.

San Fran ravens

So did the Falcons and nobody was a loser in that game. Both teams fought super hard and should be proud of what they did. As a Hawk fan there’s a lot of shoulda woulda coulda but there’s no point in dwelling on it. We didn’t give up without a fight and honestly now that the Hawks are out I would like to see the Falcons win the whole thing so Tony Gonzalez and win the Superbowl ring he so rightfully deserves. Stand up guy and his heart is bigger then his arms lol. I just dont wanna see Brady win another ring. Can’t stand that guy.


Now that the packers are out, football does not matter one bit until next season.

lol my team’s season was over a long time ago. (Steelers)

you mean as soon as the cowboys were out, it didn’t matter until next season.

PATRIOTS VS. I don’t care as long as the Patriots are in


It will be a 49ers v. Ravens match up (Harbaugh Bowl)

Ravens win. They have so much momentum now with the retirement of Ray Lewis, they can definitely go the distance.

Ditto!! That’s right Yoyokid.

I would like to see Patriots vs. 49ers or 49ers vs Ravens just because the coaches are both brothers and I would like to see that! God Bless - Moefv

San Fran vs. Texas.

Just anything Texas actually, I have loads of fam down there and visit about every year.

Texas is legit

Ummm Texans lost…


Excuse me while I cry in my closet

Haha Lol!

patriots vs anybody.