Super Bowl Thread

I wish the colts would win, but they are toast. Its going to be Seattle VS New England!


YAYAYYAYA OT Im the only football fan on YYE!

Well… I live in Minnesota, so I am a Vikings fan. However I want the Packers to win because one, I hate the Seahawks most in the NFL. Then second, the Packers are part of the NFC North.


So Crazy!

Takes of Green Bay Jersey

Puts on Seattle Jersey


That was a brutal game…

I was rooting for packers at first, but I changed my mind. What a game!!!

This game absolutely never happened.

I was going for the hawks the whole time.

I agree.

… Im speechless.

That was truly a brutal game. lol

Im about to take a beating from my Seattle fan-friends at school.

football sucks anyway…sigh…

So you came into this thread just to say that? Wow, you must feel so accomplished.


You’re either a Packers or a Colts fan.

haven’t watched football in forever…

I cheered for both those teams… Look what happened.

No! It was the Packers duty as a decent team to stand up to the Patriots!! Ugh now the Patriots will win a Super Bowl, why couldn’t the Seahawks have just taken one for all of mankind and let the Packers go through so they can defeat the Patriots??? The Seahawks don’t stand a chance

its going to be an ugly game.