Super Bowl Thread

Who cares about the game, the food is always great at the super bowl parties I go to!!! :wink:

C’mon man!

The seahawks are going to win.

Are you nuts!!! The Seahawks won last year against a great team in the broncos (like that sports talk?), they are first seed in their league,and they just came off an absolutely incredible comeback; don’t forget what the patriots did the last two times they were in the super bowl: giants (who weren’t even getting a bye either time I believe). I still think that the patriots have a slight edge, but to say that the seahawks don’t have a chance is like saying derek jeter won’t make the hall of fame.

^ half the people in this thread don’t know who derek jeter is.

hear!! hear!!

Free foooood… Mmmmm.

I hate the pats and I live so close to seattle (Vancouver) So go seattle!

NFC Championship:
Was rooting for Seattle, then changed the Green Bay after they went up 16-0, then picked Seattle after they made it 19-14.

AFC Championship:
Patriots all the way, nuff said.

Super Bowl:
Got to go with the Patriots.

Unless Seattle starts winning, right

New england deflated ballll. Wonder what’s going to be the call.