Good job patriots

Who was excited about the win and who was sad? I didnt really care but i was slightly sad about the Seahawks.

The Pats winning the Super Bowl shows today’s youth that it is not only acceptable t cheat, but you get rewarded in doing so. Shame…

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I was really rooting for the seahawks. That encroachment though just made me soooooo mad.

I don’t really like either team, but I absolutely hate the Patriots. They cheat constantly, the last game was just the most recent example. They have so many fans, and they are a very skilled team, but their lack of morals is ridiculous, especially considering they are good enough that they probably don’t need to cheat anyway.

I honestly dont care about the superbowl it is just one big excuse for people to get drunk… but anyway yes i dont think the pats shouldve won… i think the superbowl shouldve been postponed.

I was pumped that the Patriots won. The game was amazing. Best football game that I think I have ever seen.

Great game but I still can’t believe the way it ended. Who throws for 2 yards on 2nd down when they have one of the best RB in the league? Seahawks…


why would someone need an excuse to get drunk?

Exactly. If you think of things the way alecto said you could trick yourself into making up a bunch of excuses to do a bunch of bad things.

well he also thinks hes allergic to the smell of nicotine, so ya know.

i am not allergic to the smell i am allergic to actual nicotine…

Well, the NFL and the TV network won again - mucho $$$$$. :wink:

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That was a pretty sh1te game…, I lost money on the Seahawks. Oh well, Tannehill still ain’t doin it for my real team.

goo patricks #fightingirish

With all due respect to Seahawks fan, the Seahawks deserved what they got, they got a taste of their own medicine. Let’s go back to tr NFC Championship game, against the Packers. They got the onside kick, which rarely happens, followed by a long run. I practically died at that 2-pt. conversion, EVERYTHING had gone their way. Only Russell Wilson, whom I respect so much for what he’s done in 3 seasons, can throw 4 picks and still win on unlikely plays. Fast forward to the Super Bowl, Kearse made that ridiculous catch. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that was a fluke. A great catch, but a fluke. They were about to kill another team’s dream on another lucky play. The pats intercepted Wilson’s pass, game over. They got a taste of their own medicine.

yeah I feel the same way about the seagulls. the first eighth of the game they were throwing footballs and then at the end they weren’t throwing footballs because they had lost to the patricks and I was like “man why did that happen, that guy totally should have done this and this and omg im wayyy more qualified to coach and to be a nickelback than those dudes” and so im thinkin about going pro to the big leagues. im hoping to be on the new York guy ants but if I don’t make it there the gal ants (minor league football team) will probably accept me into the team.

but at the end of the day, the sun has set and the sky is dark. so you know, it is what it is and then sometimes you can see mars or maybe even pluto but probably not pluto.

Go Pats! Oh, the game is over now, I was on a roll. :smiley: It’s so cool that they won.

What a bad coaching decision on the other side. He’ll live with that for the rest of his life. ;D No one will let him forget it.

Hey Seahawks do you wanna win the Superbowl? No thanks, we’ll pass.