How bout dem Patriots dooeeeeeee!?!

so guuuuuuuuuuuuuud!

There seems to be another Earthquake in Connecticut, 3.3 on the Richter Scale… There appears to be no fault line where the Earthquake occurred, so it can only be assumed the Earthquake tonight was caused by the Seahawks fans jumping off the bandwagon.

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I liked the part where the team that everyone loves beat the other team at that American sport! eagerly looks around for acceptance

Seriously though… are we talking about Cricket or Tennis? :-\

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I know we had a big party with lots of food… there may have been something happening on the tv…

I wnt to a party too and I don’t even likefoodball I was just there for the food especially the cream puffs

You pats fans really can’t take credit for that win. It was stinky call to pass the ball straight into traffic.

I’m so glad we won. I might even go to the parade on Wednesday. ;D

We played Cards Against Humanity and watched the game

Yep, ya sure did…


Nothing worse than a sore loser huh? The parade is tomorrow! Should I post a video of the winning team and the trophy? :smiley:

no because “your team” cheated so nobody cares.

Sore, just as I thought. :smiley: It’s in the books. I’ll post a clip just for you.