That Patriots Game doeeeeee

so guuuuuuud!

Great game,i hate the pats though…they make me sick

Great game. I was watching it at a bar, and two drunk ladies were cheering for Baltimore. Screaming saying some words I’m not going to repeat. Nobody likes the Pats (ik, give me the hate) but when they won. The whole bar was soooo happy! We were screaming cheering, laughing like crazy. Lol. They left shortly after.

most of the families around here aren’t too happy about it… (mind you i live in MD)

Hey, howzbout dem Packers!!!

That was pretty good :wink:

I was hoping for a Seahawks Colts superbowl but this’ll do. Just happy the pack didn’t go. Even tho Aaron has that MVP.

Those deflated footballs doeeeeeeeeeee

cause that was the only reson the pats won. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Nevertheless, the patriots won unfairly; even if a holding play has no effect on the play, the offending side is still penalized.