Favorite Athletes

Hey everyone,
I just thought that I would make this thread so that everyone can share who their favorite athletes and/or coaches are and why they are your favorite or why they have inspired you. They can be retired or still playing, here is my list;

  1. BASEBALL- Albert Pujols- Just an awesome all around player and he carries himself very well. He is not showy and in your face, he does his job and does it well. I also like Josh Hamilton a lot. If anyone hasn’t read his book, I highly suggest it. If I tried to explain his story I would be here all-day.
  2. FOOTBALL- Barry Sanders- Has the same birthday that I do and I believe he is the best running back of all time. He had pretty much no offensive line and still managed to make defenders look like they were trying to catch a chicken with it’s head cut off.
  3. SOCCER- I don’t watch that much soccer but I would say Lionel Messi.
  4. TENNIS- Roger Federer- He is the best to every play the game and I am so happy to see him back as the world’s #1. He is an excellent player and, just like pujols, gets the job done.
    So this is just a quick list I made of my favorite athletes and why I like them so much. Feel free to include anyone from any sport.
    Thanks and I am looking forward to your responses!

Although I don’t watch soccer/tennis, I do know some football,basketball and only older baseball :stuck_out_tongue: .

  1. Football: Eli Manning, he is awesome for a couple reasons, 1. My fav team is the Giants, and 2. Because he had to come out from under his brother’s shadow, and no one thought he could do it, but winning his 2nd Super Bowl helped him do that and became the worst Super Bowl team in history lol.
  2. Basketball: I’ll probably say Dwayne Wade, although I’m a Bulls fan, Wade just seems like a generally nice guy, and not selfish or anything, and he is a great player and fun to watch.
  3. Baseball: Like I said, I only know older players, and I mean older players. My favorite is Jackie Robinson, just because I read a book about him, and he seems like a nice guy too, also, because how he was broke the color barrier.
    For extreme sports (if those count), I would go with Scotty Cranmer, I met him at the Dew Tour, and I got his autograph, he was really nice, asking me questions about me as he was signing. He is pretty awesome too at BMX too. ;D

I only care about soccer, and the dude I like is Diego Forlan.
He’s an amazing shot.

  1. Hockey, Alex Ovechkin

  2. Lacrosse, Ryan Benesh

1: baseball: tim lincecum! the worlds best pitcher!

JUSTIN UPTON!!! Haha jk that guy is def not worth that $60 mil contract. Favorite baseball player of all time either Randy Johnson or David Ortiz

Definitely Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo.

That’s awesome! And yes all sports count. I like it when celebrities and athletes take the time to be nice to their fans.

Haha, yeah he is pretty awesome, just not this year.

Yeah, I don’t know why they gave him that big of a contract and I like Randy Johnson to but I hate Ortiz, mostly because I am a Yankee fan. Lol

How Trumbo made the move from 1st to 3rd and then to the outfield all in one offseason amazes me and mike trout is just insane, I am a Bryce Harper fan but I feel like trout may be the better overall player.

Hockey: Claude Giroux- best active all round hockey player!!!

Basketball: Allen Iverson- Best cross over EVER!!!

Soccer: Lionel Messi- so athletic and fast!

Tennis: Rafael Nadal

Favorite Sports Team: FLYERS!!!

Basketball- Derrick Rose, Jeremy Lin

Volleyball- IDK But love the sport my second favorite

Taekwondo-Aaron Cook(my favorite), Servet Tazegul, Levent tuncat, Damian villa, Son Tae jin

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the post.

I’d have to say probably Sergei Bubka in the pole vault, so awesome!!!

Football: college- Arron Murrey go dawgs
NFL- john abraham
baseball: brian mcann he just seems like a great guy
soccer: messi i gues he is one of the only ones ive heard of
nba: al horford
nascar: denny hamlin

Yeah I forgot to put basketball but drose is my favorite to. To bad he got injured.

Haha yeah, good thing they have Cain though and melky really came out of no where and gave them a goo boost. It’s to bad cause I do really like lincecum.

Baseball - Ichiro Suzuki, Bill Miller (now retired).
Soccer - Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Football - Alex Smith, Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree
Hockey - Pekka Rinne, Shae Weber, Brad Marchand, Henrik Lundqvist

I’ve never seen pole vaulting, but now I am going to check it out, thanks!