Oakland A’s all the way!

A’s are cool too. I love Reddick! And another guy, but they’re not my main team and I haven’t seen them in a while, so I can’t remember his name. I wanna say Parker, and his number is 11. Do you know?

Oakland has a pitcher named Jarrod Parker who is pretty good. Is that him?

I saw Reddick in the minors a few years back. He had a really good game and kind of stuck out among all the other players, so it’s been fun to see him succeed in the Majors since then.

yes!! Jarrod!!! Thank you! Reddick just seems to have so much fun playing ball, as so few do these days… Cespedes had a GREAT year, an I was very interested in the A’s “Walk Off Kings” season. It was pretty cool to watch.