The Magical Axiom formula!!

I know that many of you people out there have been having problems with Axiom gap slippage problems. Well I have the formula for you.

Last night I as messing around with my Axiom and noticed it was slipping more than usual.

I threw a KK in,took out one of the silicone pads, and put an o-ring in its place. It is still dead unresponsive, yet it gets perfect binds.

My Axiom was perfect the way it was. ??? . But when the Silicone fell out if you put in Silicone K-pads (888 sized)whoah, its better than before! :wink:

I think that just some of them had problems. What color do you have?

The Red ones had the slip problem, where you have to replace the pads ALL THE TIME.

Ya I think you were lucky.

Just ask Samad, he will tell you how “sloppy” they are. Any input here would be nice Samad. Thanks

Yes, I know Samads opinion of Axiom’s, I learned it a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: .

I got a Copper one for christmas of 2008.

From the Copper ones on, they were fine. I did not know that at the time.

I think I might have to buy another because they are sooooo good.

I like my stock Axiom better, not tuned.

Happy Thornwing! =]