DV888 gap question.

I’m still looking at the DV888 as my first all-metal but the only thing that makes me hesitate is the huge gap, it seems a bit intimidating. Has anyone out there who’s played this yoyo experienced a lot of loose and/or slippy binds? It seems that with a large gap like that, it would be harder to bind. (I don’t have any problems binding on my totally unresponsive Lyn Fury)

The binds are excellent! Never had a slip yet.

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You shouldn’t have any problems with binds on the DV888, I was in the same boat as you when I bought mine after I got tired of my Dark Magic. I have never had any problems having slippy binds at all.

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Only if you let the response wear out, like I have. :stuck_out_tongue:

It binds better then the Lyn Fury for sure.

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Thanks to everyone for the responses so far, you’re helping to calm my fears. If I end up getting it and worse came to worst, it would force me to work on my binds. :-[

When the response pads wear out and need replacement, are you buying replacement pads or are you doing the silicone mod thing? Aren’t the response pads on the DV888 silicone?

If the response wears out, it would be a great time to learn how to silicone, but perhaps purchase a set of pads just in case. I’m not sure what pads are stock in the DV888 but the first run CBC pads(new formula not kpads) in my friends Counter Attack were very slippy. I’m pretty sure the DV888 uses Kpads though.

Yeah, the dv888 uses the “slim” k pad.