HAs anyone had any problems with the Dv888 because people on vids say that it doesnt have good binds is that true hepl please

(Yo!It'sMatt) #2

No The Dv888 is great.


Do grinds matter that much to you? I have a first run Superstar. It doesn’t grind very well. So what? If I want to do different grind combos I’ll just switch to my satined Lyn Fury.


binds not grinds

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5

Dv888 binds fine.


Sometimes the stock pads are a little too recessed. If that is the case for you, rip them out and pour some fresh silicone in the groove.



It seems I wasn’t entirely awake this morning. Thanks for pointing that out.

K-pads will wear out but it is easy to just replace them with silicone. Then the binds are just fine.


I got mine a little over a month ago. It’s just fine. The pads haven’t worn out yet and the binds are fine. The Dv88 is just fine…so far=)

(DOGS) #9

mine binds just fine


Thanks evryone for helping