Pretty good review. ;D

Good review! What case is that? The silicone K-Pads do slip when it is newer. Happened to my 09’ eight8eight. It will break in sometime. Wouldn’t it be funny if somebody saw the mail-man comming down their street and the guy with the camera runs out yelling,“Mail-man! Right here!” And the yoyo actually came. ;D Nice first post! Congrats!

Great! :smiley:

My responce to your reveiw: I’m lovin it! :smiley: (your reveiw is awsome!)

Just wait, the frantic is coming

The case is home made

and I have found K-pads to be very grippy at first and then VERY quickly loose their grab, my 09 888’s pads lasted forever but I like how it plays with silicon better

I’m throwing a hard coat edition; here are some notes:

  1. the bearing “floats” on the bed; ie; it is not tightened into something; if you unscrew the yo it probably falls.

  2. since the bearing bed is different I was unable to replace the SPEC with a KK. You may try to squeeze by force but I do not recommend.

  3. The throwing force feels light. Since the stock response system is too loose it is almost impossible to wind the string tight. The binds are not tight for the same reason.

  4. Flowable silicone solves 3. However be careful not to fill all the groove; make it a shallow fill or you may experience bites and unwanted binds.

  5. Although it is a very good yoyo something I can not name feels not right about it. Probably because of my tastes, probably the size or smg. else.

  6. Ah, yes it is grindable :slight_smile: thumb grindable too.

  7. Somewhat noisy as compared to others. Yep, I clean my bearings and thin lube them in all my yo’s. Dv888 acts like a voice amplifier (a small one) and its a little bit more noisy.

Well, thats all I guess. Great yo for the price.

Happy throwing.

Very informative.
Oh, and you live in a REALLY nice suburb.