Dv888 won't bind!

I just got a dv888 which is my first unresponsive and I can’t bind. I’ve been using this technique: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=npYfNhkzbaE
Is there a way for wide gap yoyos to bind this way? Please help!

It’ll bind just practice practice practice

I am not sure what the video is, I’m having troubles downloading it, but I think I downloaded it before.

Side bind:Land in trapeze, pop it off, then UNDER the string, so you are kind of sorta in an upside down trapeze but holding the loop in your non-throw hand. PINCH with your non-throw hand. Pull with your throw and AND/OR start bringing that loop into the gap until you feel it grab and then let go.

Front bind:
From a forward throw, take your non-throw hand and put it in FRONT of the string(the side away from you) and push the string IN towards you while pulling up on the string with the throw hand, while sorta making a J(with the hook away from you) if need be. Pinch, pull with throw hand while feeding string into gap with non-throw hand. Release pinch when you feel it grab.

I have no problem binding my dv888 back. It takes practice. FOr some, longer than others.

My kid is nearly 6, he can bind my dv888 no problem.

This video did it for me from rethinkyoyo:

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Would you mind making a video or a compilation of pictures? Im doing everything right but it just won’t work. I got it once in the 3 hours I’ve been trying. :frowning:
Edit: I really dont understand the video above

No. I don’t do videos. Odd coming from a production company, right? Sorry. This is actually one of the best videos out there.

Practice. Maybe a bigger loop. What other yoyos do you have that are unresponsive? Is this a new issue or just started?

The dv888 has a rather “big” gap, which just means you need a bigger loop so you can get more string in the gap so it will eventually bind.

I’d try to watch the video, but my internet is so slow, it took 4 hours to download a 30 second video someone else posted in a different thread. Sadly, I’m not joking. My provider is just crap today.

I figured it out! The string was just too short cuz I cut it. :confused:

Lol. Well that probably wasn’t the problem but I’m glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

It could have been the string being too short. I have to cut quite a bit off my son’s yoyo strings, and sometimes if he can’t hit that little “magic zone”, the bind ain’t gonna happen. I tend to cut his string at about his sternum, not belly button. The extra bit makes a big difference. I make sure the knot is tied above that.