I need dv888 binding help

I recently got my dv888, and love it. the only problemthats getting in my way is the binding. My dv888’s binds are VERY slippy. Im using the string that came with it, and i was able to bind fine on my darm magic. I could really use some help and advice on how to bind my dv888

that used to happen to me all the time just practice binding with it eventually you will get the hang of it

it just isnt catching the string try different binds.

not being brutal here but it is more than likely your technique that is letting you down here, my advice is, try a new string and practice the different types of binds for front style and breakaway style make sure you are using the correct bind for the direction of spin.

I reccomand useing the backward bind if your not already, it seems to work better.

i just got mine today too. but i can bind. it sometimes slips. i suggest when you bind to use more string. like before you pull it into the gap. it works for me :wink:

did you try doubling on then binding?

I’d check your response pads, I doubt they’re the case but just to be sure.