Having trouble binding

I got my Dv888 yesterday and I’ve been noticing it takes me a few tries to successfully bind it. Binding was much easier with my Velocity, so I don’t know if this is happening because I’m used to using a plastic throw or because it’s a new throw or some other reason I haven’t thought of. Does anyone have any advice?

I’m guessing the Velocity has either a smaller bearing, smaller gap, or both. Larger bearings and gaps require more length of string to achieve enough layers on the bearing to make contact with the response on the side.

You’ll have to practice getting more string into the gap and being more deliberate with the motions in binding. Try feeding in more slack on the bind (your hand should more toward the yo-yo). Pinching the string also may help if the string is slipping against your NTH finger.

Velocity uses starburst system which grabs the string a lot. I also find it snaggier.

Dv888 is an advanced yoyo, and if you are having trouble binding, don’t be sad.

How do you bind?

For starters, you can do a trapeze, pinch the loop on your non-throwhand and lower that loop to the yoyo. Then simultaneously pull slightly on your throwhand. The lower loop on your non-thowhand builds up on gap of the yoyo. Soon enough, with the throwhand pulling motion, it’ll bind.

Now after you get the hang of that, try it without pinching.

Don’t worry. The DV888 has a huge gap, much bigger than the velocity. It also has a larger bearing. This will make the binds a little harder/slipper. You just need to exaggerate the motion a bit, like really pull the string into the gap of the yoyo when you go to bind. And also, you’ll get smoother at it, but for now put the string into the gap slowly and give it a chance to wrap around the bearing before you bind it.

Maybe the silicone is wearing out. Try siliconing it. And you velocity binds better because the silicone naturally sticks out more since theres dials.

This is normal, try pinching the string when you bind, you will soon be consistant with your binds

pinchy the string :smiley:

it really helps

Binding from a breakaway trapeze is a difficult way to bind, not good advice for someone having trouble binding, in my opinion.

PandaBear, if this is how you bind, try looking for a tutorial that doesn’t bind from a breakaway trapeze. It’s much easier to dismount the trapeze and land the yo-yo on the other side of the string so you have a loop over your NTH finger in the other direction. Then use the same motion for the bind.

I haven’t really started learning tricks that start from trapeze or double or nothing yet, so I’ve just been binding from the front.

Why is this not a good advice? For a front throw, this is the most origanal bind. And with pinching, it’s almost flawless.

Sorry that I have not stated that this is for a front throw and not a breakaway.

For a breakaway, you go into a braintwister mount instead, and with the same motion, push the loop on your non-throwhand toward the yoyo while puling the other hand away. Kinda do it snappy as it will look nice. You can also acheive a bind from berakaway in many different ways, but this one is basic.

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Plastic throws usually work with my DV888, even with worn pads and a KonKave.

If you want to keep using the plastic throw, make sure that you sling your thumb back when you throw the yoyo, because you want to get a huge amount of string to loop backwards around the yoyo. Exaggerate the wrist motion too, that usually helps with the bind. It might also help if you pull back when the yoyo is about 2/3 of the way from the end of the string, instead of waiting for it to come back as you might have done on a previous yoyo. Keep trying, you can get it.

Brain Twister mount is more likely to slip or bounce back up when you throw. Put the string in front of the yoyo not in behind and make sure you really put the string in hard, I like to think that I’m throwing the loop in to the gap. Practice makes perfect so keep practicing and you’ll get it.