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I just got my dv888 out of th mail, and i really like it. The only problem i have with it is binding. I try to bind it and ill have to wrap around 2 or 3 times to get it to return. When I bind i kind of flickit into the gap rather than drop it, and i have a medium sized loop. Im also using the string that came with the yoyo, so i cud use a little tips on how to bind my dv888

yea, most people (that i know of) try binding that way when they first learn.

remember that an effective bind goes AGAINST the spin of the yoyo. a videa tut would explain way better than i could in text. plus, its theorganizer, so its a good tut:

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why not try binding and give it a slight tug

im not dumb i meant to bind and tug at the same time

Yea… that’s like telling someone to just do a trapeze. He know what he needs to do… he needs help on it.

Anyways, if you do a straight down throw, then a trapeze bind will probably be best. Pinch the trapeze with your nonthrowhand, so instead of sticking your finger there, pinch it. Then, pull your throw hand back, and as you do this, the string should start winding in your yoyo. Keep doing this, and you’ll feel the yoyo wanting to come up. When this happens, just keep pulling with your throwhand, and the yoyo will start coming up. Drop the string from your nonthrowhand before the yoyo hits your nonthrowhand.

It’s a bit complicated, but SUMMARY: Pull with your throwhand, and the yoyo will gather string in the gap, and then come back up.

If you’re just starting, try it with the yoyo in the middle to 1/3 of the trapeze, with the smaller segment by your non throwhand. As you go on, you’ll adjust the distance, but the middle to 1/3 should be a good starting point.

Okay, so I decided to check out some of the forums for my needs in binding help and found this. However, even after watching that video, the Andre Bouley video and reading everyone’s advice, I’m still having to wrap 3+ times on my binds to get my yoyo to return to my hand. I’m using a brand new Protostar and would like to know if anyone has some advice about it.

Things to know:

  1. It’s not sili’d. I don’t know how to do that, nor do I plan on doing it until I know what I’m doing. (I don’t want to break my brand new throw.)
  2. My usual action is to flick my loop down AS I’m pulling up on the string.
  3. Even after 3 wraps sometimes the yoyo just tends to fall instead of grabbing the string.
  4. I usually am trying the under mount bind, the bind from thread-the-needle works most often, but like Bouley said in his video, the string tends to grab a little too much, making me not want to do it that often.

I might end up having to post a video of my failed attempts to demonstrate what exactly I’m doing, but that’ll have to come later as my photographer is doing homework :(. In the mean time, if anyone has some nifty tricks that helped you learn how to bind, I would like to hear it.

Thank you much to anyone willing to help!


I used to have this problem too. I figured out that all you need is a backspin bind and some practice.

Thank you Mi. I sent you a PM, or at least tried to, not sure if it actually went through or not. My comp is acting kind of funny, but just on this site. Oh well. Look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

Thank you again,