The mafia ya see.

Who would like to join the yoyoexpert mafia? Ya see, I need the toughest, most hardcore, ready to rumble guys (gals too if you got it) around these parts Ya see. Who’s here thinks they got the stuff to join?

M.DeV1 (I run the mafia ya see) PROVED!
Nemyo (2nd in command) PROVED!
SR (Real tough guy ya see) PROVED!
Yoyofoot and Trace (the #YOGURT_CREW) NOT PROVED
Mr.yoyoguy (he’s a toughy ya see) NOT PROVED
Robin_Hood0999 (the fighter) PROVED!
A Soviet Locust (he gets the lingo ya see) NOT PROVED
yoyoavenger (What a noisy guy) PROVED!
Jake Elliott (The man with the good ears) NOT PROVED
Shadowz143 (smooth talking man ya see) PROVED!
yoyoer8 (hes got the right idea) PROVED!
Pajama Man 8398 (hes got the jammies) PROVED!

VIDEO BATTLES! The yakuza has challenged the mafia to a little video battle! So far it is:

M.DeV1 V.S. Hippo Samurai 1a

Abby V.S. Nemyo 5a!



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I guess none of ya are tough enough, your what the Mafia calls “sissy’s”

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So, is this guy a friend of yours or a friend of ours?

Are ya in? Or are ya out?



Hmm…do we get free cookies?

OK, i guess i’ll do it.

Will I have to hurt people?

Will there be other people trying to hurt me?!

Probably both.

I tink I’m tuff enough

Call me tge man who makes strings out dead mens hair

You need to be more into it then that Ya See!

I be mafia,yo.

Just go die in a hole…

I’m ready…

updated the post ya see.

No, I don’t see. please explain. Waddya tawkin’ bout? I’m in…

The last thing my enemies see is a yoyo heading directly at their face…

I’m in. Look out rival organizations…

. ;D

I’m in. Ready to rumble. And growl. And make other guttural sounds with my throat.

I just looted the Yoyoexpert store by only paying 59$ for a werrd hour instead of 75$!!! Ya See…