the longer sleeping..? T.T

could somebody tell me how the yoyo sleep… longer… my yoyo is also a ball bearing like yoyo jam yoyos… also have metals in both sides… is there a secret… it only sleep 30 seconds…

Work on your throw.

The ancient secret to a longer spin time is… practice

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Throwing hard and straight does it for me.

where did you buy it?

Well it depends…If you are working on longer sleep times while doing tricks, then yes, the trick is practice practice PRACTICE! But, if you just want it to sleep for as long as you without doing tricks, look at the gap. If the yo-yo tilts right, twist the string clockwise, making it looser. If the yo-yo tilts left, twist the string counter-clockwise, making it tighter.

thanks… thats my problem… i cant throw straightly …