How do i get a yo-yo to sleep longer


I can’t get myself to sleep longer than 10 seconds.:frowning: >:( :frowning: >:( :([tr][td][/td][/tr]

(yoyo jake) #2

work on your throw


Usually it helps to lay down in a bed. =P

Work on your throw. It’ll get better with time. What yoyo is it?


I have the X-Convict I also think the ball bearinng sucks.


YoYoJam bearings are my favorite and that is a plenty good yo-yo. Just practice, practice, practice. You will get better.



(MikeMonty) #7

The rule of thumb here is to practice but I’m curious if there is a little more going on here than meets the eye. How are you throwing your yo-yo? Are you making a muscle with your arm, snapping your forearm forward and releasing the yo-yo to get it to sleep? Or are you simply holding the yo-yo in your hand, dropping it, and letting it sleep?

If you’re not throwing the yo-yo by making a muscle that should be your first change. From there you should constantly practice sleeping your yo-yo, if you can only get it to sleep for 10 seconds right now make it your goal to get 15 seconds. Once you get it up to 20 seconds incorperate some tricks to further motivate yourself to improve your sleeper. Start trying to walk the dog, rock the baby, and even try a brain twister. All of these tricks require a good sleeper and will motivate you to learn how to throw your yo-yo harder so you can learn and show them off!

Good luck, Vine!


I want to commend you on your post MikeMonty. You are the only one that really helped anyone. Great post.

The bearing could be bad. did you buy it used?