The last yoyo that i am buying

Which yoyo under twenty bucks would you buy if it was you last yoyo. it’s fine if it costs a little more


it would
have to be invincible

Hmm probably either the unprld antidote ($20) or if you can go over that price a bit, a topyo silenus ($35).


Like the only yoyo I would have for the rest of my lifetime?

Are we counting sale prices? Or going price on the BST?
Or just MSRP?

First Base. Amazing both responsive and unresponsive.


Big Dipper

I will assume you are just starting out.

Given that $20 is awfully restrictive and you did not specify any preference other than ‘yoyo’, take a look at just about anything in the MagicYoYo lineup; it’s a good place to start. They have plastic, metal, responsive, unresponsive – whatever suits your fancy and all for cheap.


yup your right

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Probably shutter trainer then

It’s all in your name. ‘000’. You had the answer before you even asked the question.

You need a Luftverk 000 and that will be the last yoyo you would ever even need to buy.

I know it’s a $300+ yoyo.

You just need to find one person selling theirs for $20.

…I know that is prolly about the same odds as winning the Lottery.

But that doesn’t stop people from playing the Lottery, does it.


Topyo Mojo

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Last yoyo I’ll buy under $20.00? I’m not that close to the end yet! Who knows what great creations will appear before my demise. :skull_and_crossbones:


probably the magicyoyo y-03 hertz. A lot of good things are being said about it and seems to have replaced the node as the best budget monometal that magicyoyo has to offer


The Hertz is super good. It’s my favorite magicyoyo and one of my favorite yoyos I’ve purchased over the last several years. It’s very fast, spins forever and just keeps going and going. I have a bunch of yoyos that cost 2-3x as much that lose steam a lot quicker than the Hertz. Go figure…


Gotta go with the recess first base… for price $30.00 or less… and you get a thin bearing for responsive play… both! Super helpful…


So, am I the only one that focuses on the yoyo they are currently using and the NEXT one they will be buying? I think not! Never, ever focus on the last yoyo I’ll buy! That’s just so wrong. :laughing: