The "i really miss that throw" thread

i apologize if there is already one of these, butttttt i miss my duncan freebird in all white. there is nothing quite like feeling that smooth delrin :frowning:

I really miss my YYF MVP. (I got pressured to trade it for a messed up Chaotic) :-[

I miss my Velocity… :frowning: And my Lyn Fury. :frowning:

My Pearl Wasabi. =(

My first unresponsive throw, a blue dm1. It’s ok, because I just traded for a blue dm2. Bring back the nostalgia.

BSP, original 28st. peak, 1st black DM. maybe a couple others… not really though. got enough to be getting on.

Nothing… Really… ;D

My very first modern yoyo. It was a mustard organic dyed Buzz-On element-x recess remix. A birthday gift from Adam Brewster back in 2005. It was one of the you that he got from a Buzz-On sponsorship.

I miss my hatrick cough cough


Woody marmot

I miss my beast cough cough

I miss my 28s BVM…

It’s coming

If you are going to worlds I’ll hand it to you there. If not let me know.

curses, im not going to worlds this year :confused:

Ok then I’ll semd it out thursday or friday.


Werrd Minute and One Drop Code 1

I miss my YYJ Revolution…Had a hard time trading it.

A custom FHZ.

The original yoyo was given to me by someone when I was starting (still sealed in package).

I played with it a bit, and then a friend offered to try recess it. The recess he did wasn’t the best sili recess I’ve ever seen, but it did the trick…

About a year later someone who was part of Alchemy gave me some weight rings, which added a nice touch to the yoyo.

Then, a while later I tried painting the rims with glow in the dark paint for a show. Eventually the paint started to chip and peel - so I cleaned it off with acetone, which had an unusual benefit… The yoyo ended up with a satin-like finish and could grind like a beast.

A lot of love went into that yoyo, and many people added to it and it played like a dream - I hope the kid I gave it to still loves it!