The I Hate thread

Here’s the idea: say a trick or category or tricks that you hate, and the next person either agrees or disagrees with you, and if you disagree, say why.
I’ll start: I hate whips.

Seems kind of counterproductive to just list things that you hate. Besides that, how can you really hate ANYTHING about yoyoing?

I don’t hate it, but I’m not too fond of 2A.


I’m not trying to be counter-productive, I’m just trying to get a view of what people on YYE do and don’t like.

I like 2A

I hate when my response wears out

Agreed, I also hate when my response wears out.

I hate when kids drink Monster 3 times a day during school. What are you doing in school that requires such an energy boost? It seems more like a fashion statement to me.

I find it interesting how easy humans hate. Celebrating life and being happy is more enjoyable than lamenting but I often think I’m a minority with this perspective.

I love yoyoing and enjoy the challenges and experiences it presents. If it was less than what it is, I simply wouldn’t do it. I’ll save my hate for something much more worthy. :wink:

Hate and yoyoing just don’t mix for me.

I find that one element, in a new trick, that you can’t just quite hit the way you want, to be one of the greatest challenges. Often it is frustrating, so frustrating, but I don’t hate that moment because it’s that very moment that is going to cause the moment of success to be so, so sweet! That struggle, that challenge, that moment is one of the reasons I do it. Accomplishment! :slight_smile:

True, but can’t have joy without hate. Like you said, the frustration creates that accomplishment, so a life without hate is also a life without joy because you can’t even know what joy is before experiencing hate. If you don’t have hate, I would go so far as to say you don’t even really have emotions, and what is life worth if you don’t even live it?

Very true, but I think the point he is trying to make is that we shouldn’t focus on the hate. It does the soul no good.

Interesting, I don’t see being challenged or frustrated as a moment to hate. I value that moment. I note its worth and it’s contribution. Recognizing its value helps me to move forward. That’s me, not others.

One should experience more joy than hate in life, in my opinion. Many don’t.

If hate is what drives you hate on, I guess.

Hmmm…I never thought of myself as emotionless…thanks for that (lol just kidding).

I detest all of you.

I’m not saying be all hate, I’m just saying you need some of it to know what happiness is. And I think frustration is like the sprout, whereas hate is the thorns, but accomplishment is like the berries.

I did not understand a word you said. I hate the sound of squeaking foam. hhhhhhh it sends shivers down my spine.

me too that sound sucks! I hate this thread to much hatred

Eh… It’s just the opposite of “rate the awesomeness of the thing you do outside of yoyoing” so all-in-all I think it’s just a forum game.

I hate when your looping perfectly fine… Then… BOOM! It sleepers at the end of the string causing it to come back incorrectly bruising your arm!

Yes exactly