The "hum" of the yoyo

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Something interesting I have discovered.

All yoyos, no matter how smooth and seemingly “vibe free” they might be, have a slight tone or “hum” to them that sets them apart from other yoyos. If you have a very silent bearing, you will notice this even more.

All yoyos resonate at a certain frequency, and that frequency travels into the string of your yoyo as well, and eventually, up the string and to your finger. This is where something interesting can happen I have found.

For those that are good at identifying tones, you can yourself hum to match the frequency of your spinning yoyo. And when this match occurs, there’s a sense of true “togetherness” with your yoyo that otherwise would not be achieved. And the connectivity that occurs can cause a true bonding with the object of manipulation resulting in greater control.

For an even further experience, try finding music that shares these frequencies. Combining the music, with your own humming, with the sound frequencies of your yoyo, results in an ultimate alignment of bodies that brings out a true magical result in your experience.

Something to think about, it has certainly been a revelation for me.

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Want even more fun? Throw a sleeper and then drape the string over your earlobe.


I also enjoy circling my finger around the rims. That produces a nice hum.


OK, anyone up for a meet-up at my place to give this test a bit more merit? If anything, it would be fun.

I got the mics, the digital audio interface and I’ll somehow make the time, provided it isn’t the weekend of July 20th and July 21st as I have gigs back to back those weekends.


And then it snags your response, shoots up the string and CRONGS your temple! I wonder what tone you hear then.


LETS DO THIS THING! :slight_smile:


According to most of the cartoons I’ve seen you’ll hear either bells or little birds. :wink:


Stick it in a glass jar and see what happens.

(WildCat23) #9

You realize the frequency changes depending on how tightly you screw it together, right?


Don’t just feel the yoyo…

BE the yoyo!




Where you at? xD


Is airfare provided by you? :wink:


I’m at my computer.

If you can find a large enough slingshot to get close, then yes.


You ever have a yoyo stuck in your hair? No one do this!


Its actually fun, use unresponsive. U can hear the yoyo

(kclejeune) #17



I dont play with responsive yoyos i just wouldnt put one close to my head because they suck up my hair and hit my head and when your hair wraps around the gap its hard to get them out or at the very least painful i used to love the sound of my 2010 clash and then quickly decided i would enjoy the sound from a distance


Om :slight_smile:


I have no idea what kind of earlobes you have that you can drape string over them, but I’d love to see a photo of these freaky things. :wink: