The Grind Machine Repair

]How do you repair The Grind Machine when the Yo Yo connection has been stripped by a new user adding a string to it?[/color]

The string isn’t on the yoyo anymore? The threads have been stripped out? I’m sorry, but I’m not quite sure what you’re saying happened to it.

i think he could be talking about the axle

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while connecting the two halves, it doesn’t tighten, just spins around and around, something is stripped, not sure what is inside. No string.

i think that it is broken from the inside :frowning:

Yeah, it sounds like the threads got stripped. You should be able to look at the axle itself as well as the yoyo where the axle goes in to be able to tell whether the axle has the problem or the yoyo half. If it’s the axle, that’s a simple replacement with a set screw or bolt with a cut off head. If it’s the yoyo, you would have to retap it, if that’s even possible.

Are you saying that you can hold a half of the yoyo, and then spin the other half around? This has happened to alot of YYF yoyos, especially YYF Counter Attacks. I don’t think there is any way to fix it unless you bought it within 30 days. If you have purchased it 30 days or less ago, email Ben and see what he could do for you.

You can fix it. My GM2 did the exact same thing. I just got a new axle and now it plays just like it used to. Just be sure to get the right axle and be sure not to tighten the yoyo too tight.

He’s saying that if it’s stripped on the inside, it’s pretty well over.
The only way to reapair it, as said above, would be to retap it, which would be a job for an EXPERT modder, and even thenn it’d be pretty touch and go

2 things you can do if you stripped the hole:

If the Grind Machine has a floating axle, get some red LocTite and glue the axle into the stripped side. You’ll never be able to change the axle after that, but it’s easier than option 2 and doesn’t require tools.

If you stripped the hole, that means your threads got squashed, effectively making the hole bigger. There is no way to make it smaller again, but you can refit both sides for a larger axle if you have the tools for it. You need to drill out both sides of the yoyo as well as the spacers, then tap both sides to slightly larger diameter. Depending how bad you stripped it, you might be able to skip the drilling out the yoyo halves. You’ll probably need to do the spacers, in any case though, since you’ll be using a larger axle.

For clarity’s sake, which Grind Machine are we talking about?

This one?


This one?

My brother’s PGM and my DV888 had the same problem.

I repaired both of them by doing the following :

  • Took the axle out by using pliers, it’s ok if the spaces on the axle lessens a bit
  • Put the part on where you pulled the axle where the yoyo has a problem

I don’t know if it will work for you, but I works just fine for me.