The "Gospel of Yo" Case

So I got to the point where I had a bunch of yoyos laying around. If I wanted to take them some where, it was a hassle throwing them all in my backpack or my pocket.

I had a Bible case that wasn’t really being used so I converted it into a yoyo case. It’s kind of cool. Has room for six of my friends.

Basically, I took hard packing foam, cut six holes in it and spray painted it black. On the bottom, I added tool box drawer liner for padding. I just happen to have some lying around and it is a cool touch.

I added a lid with cardboard and black duct tape. It gives it a nice ghetto look but it is fairly functional. Under the lid, yoyos. Above the lid, extra string and junk like that.

Now, I have a place for my yos that can slip into my backpack or I can just carry. It’s a nice, stealth bag that is a blast to take to church!

My case with some friends. The blue pouch is my Tom Kuhn SB II.

Lid closed to show “storage” area exposing orange Mondo strings.

Detail on the tool box liners I put in.

Closed up and ready to go preach the Gospel of Yo!