The Game Has Changed-Documentary on Yoyos!!!!!!!!

The film releases Oct. 21st!!!
The Trailer:

So excited!!!
Prepare for the Yoyo BOOM cus it’s coming!!!

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I heard about another one called strings a while ago.

I would be awesome if this was in theaters.

It would be awesome if they were released in theaters. But I imagine they will end up in small art houses and not see in wide release. The boom you speak of might be just a small bang. I hope I get to see them both at some point.

To quote his FB Page for this…

“IT HAS BEEN SET! The official release date for The Game Has Changed is Friday, October 21st! It will be available on Vimeo and possibly Youtube if they will allow a video over their normal time limit.”

Supposed to be 23 minutes long. Looks like all who want to see it will be able to do so.

I consider myself “hyped” for this now. C=

They should give it a run in theaters as a short subject contender. I don’t know all the Academy rules though. Or it could be in the documentary category.

I’m working a film fest the 20-23 of October: Sac Horror Film Fest. I’ll have to wait until Monday to see it if the fest didn’t beat me down too hard.

Gotta see that. it looks really good. Stoked.

Now this is really cool, I have to watch it.

Is this in the movie sound track.  :smiley:
(The game has changed.)

Daft Punk = 90% of why I saw that movie.

Looks good! Looking forward to this.

omg :slight_smile:

with these new documentaries coming out it’s going to be really good for the sport! But i dont think i want yo-yoing to ever become TOO mainstream. I like being part of a subculture :slight_smile:

OK… it’s the 21st…lol. Wheres the beef?

It’s still coming out on vimeo…not sure what time
However they r only releasing it for about 2 weeks!

Trust me, I can say that most film makers have no clue what a deadline is. Many creative types have this problem.

Then again, if its won awards, then the film is done and it’s not that difficult to convert it and have to ready for download/viewing online.

I’m working a film festival right now. I am dealing with all this kind of stuff. Give them a break. However THEY said the 21st…


it’s already been in a festival and won an award. fb says they will be releasing it for 2 weeks then entering it into more festivals. the guy told me it would be up today…today is almost over… ::slight_smile:

2 weeks?
once things go on the internet, they don’t leave. ???

Well, where is it?

it got up to 89% uploaded and and error message came up. he’s still trying to get it online