World On A String! Wow!

This is a yoyo documentary in the store on this website for those who didn’t know. I just wanted to say I just finished this and would say every thrower should get it! Great documentary, really put together well. Editing was fantastic especially the highspeed shots of the Worlds you won’t find anywhere else in HD or SD like that. It informed my girlfriend more about it even though shes been hearing me talk about it for 5 years. She loved it. Heck it even informed me more about how judging is done. It actually made me feel the system is very flawed. You can show it to your friends that think yoyo is “just a toy” to shut them up. It shows Japanese style vs American where someone said “Japanese is to follow the rules to get points, American is to be creative/innovative.” More into detail. I didn’t really know it was SO different. I mean I knew from watching but they are all aware and talk about it. It shows some of the the top players back history about who there are and how they began yoyoing. Shows how the players are “in real life”. They are on camera… but its pretty cool to see how they act in social situations and how they act getting ready for performance/getting off stage. Really cool story behind Sebastian Brock that I didn’t know with 5a… It will also explain the drama aka “ups and downs” to the players: for example Tyler trying to be with Jensens girlfriend and all that. The only thing I can say bad from a filmmakers point of view that the story telling was kind of… all over the place… It still told the stories fine it just kind of jumped around… Still every second totally entertaining. I doubt there are many film makers on this board that would care about that. It comes in a regular DVD case and was longer than I expected. Which is a good thing. I think about an hour plus? I was expecting it to be short. Props to the editors for sure they probably had to go though soooo much footage to create this and tell the story. Props to everyone behind it! Good job and thank you! Soooo if it isn’t somewhere online for free legally I would say go buy it! ;D Don’t steal from our community! It would be like stealing yoyos… :-\ Oh and I have no affiliation to the creators these are just my opinions.

I loved it. Watch it!

it isn’t in the DVD drop down menu. Click the whole DVD section then you can see it in the store.

Buy here:

got it too, it was quite involving as many players actually helped paying for it to happen. it’s a brilliant documentary and I agree with you when you say, “everyone should get it”. indeed, everyone should.

the only thing is that it doesn’t show the european community which is also quite unique compared to asian or american.