World on a String - the Dawn Schwartz documentary thing

Just wanted to share my love of this.

I’ve been looking forward to it since the initial trailers, which was a long time ago now. It was very much as I hoped. A slick documentary that gives a great insight to the unique world of yoyoing, not through facts and dull information but by great stories and characters.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the experiences of Sebastian Brock and Jensen Kimmitt at Worlds (2010). All round entertaining, insightful, emotional and worth watching.

I actually just wish it was longer and they could have spent more time with these people, or perhaps spent another third of the time on these guys post-contest. That could have been really great. But that’s more a dream. It’s amazing enough such a quality production has come to this little interest.

The told the ‘stories’ of individual freestyles really well with cut down clips, graphics, sound effects etc. Shame they didn’t stick with the original music from each performance but I assume that’s a licensing issue, i.e. $$$

Hope a lot of people pick this up. You really should if you’re half interested in yoyoing, worlds, some of those top players…

Love it.

Thanks for the recommendation of “World on a String” Where might one go to locate this? Am I headed for like Blockbuster or what?


Purchased a copy of it and I’ll be recieving it in about a week and a half. I’m looking forward to it with much joy and ancipation. I’ve been looking forward to it as well since the first 30 sec. trailer :smiley:

It definitely looks awesome. I never really knew about it until it came out but it looks amazing. I think I’ll pick it up when I order another yoyo or something.

Right here!

Only on YYE Banjo.

Also… made me miss Jensen Kimmitt and his yoyoing a lot or, I should say, even more.

just watched it for the first time today and i just want jensen back

I really liked it. It was great how they followed the different stories of individuals. It makes it really relatable.